What I Know About South America

by Jeb :: Tuesday, December 1st, 2009 at 12:16 am

After being in South America for five weeks, I learned lots of new things:

1st How to fly fish.

When you have a rod you fling it back and forth till you get enough momentum then you let the line go and see how far it can go.  I also learned how to set the hook by pulling it up hard. That gets it into the fish’s mouth so it doesn’t escape. When the fish is pulling you let it run. If you try to fight it and you’re pulling when it’s pulling, the hook will come out. When the fish is resting, that’s when you reel it in.

2nd The stone work of Machu Picchu.

The Incas were one of the best or maybe even the best constructers with rocks ever. Where they connected the rocks was so perfect that you could not fit a razorblade in-between the two rocks. The rock buildings they made at Machu Picchu were very impressive.

3rd Hiking on glacier Perito Moreno.

Perito Moreno is one of the only glacier that’s growing. We got crampons and put them on. When you’re walking up you walk like a penguin and when you are going down, it’s like you’re marching.

4th The type of trout I fished for.

Rainbow trout are one of the smallest trouts but they put up the hardest battle. They jump and they swim hard to get away. The brown trout are the biggest and the fattest. The brook trout have a lot of colors but not as many as the rainbow. They’re almost completely brown and have some red and blue spots. My favorite to see were the brook. My favorite to battle were the rainbow. But my biggest battle was with a 28 inch, 7 pound brown trout.

5th Exhibit of Andy Warhol in Buenos Aires.

We went to an art museum in Buenos Aires. Andy Warhol was from America, not Argentina, but still most of the museum was about his work. Some of his paintings I didn’t like and others there made me wonder what he was thinking when he painted or made those paintings and sculptors. It was really cool.

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