• This is a famous sumo wrestler at a train station in Tokyo. We had just been to a sumo museums. Sumo wrestlers are very big, but it's the sumo way.September 3rd, 2012
    Sayonara Japan »

    We were in Japan for eight days after leaving China. It was really different but still fun.

  • The baby panda was about a year old. He was so soft and fun. Photo by Panda Research Center staffAugust 19th, 2012
    I Held a Baby Panda »

    I’ve always loved pandas and it was amazing to really get to hold one in my lap.

  • Pushing the giant prayer wheel around and around. I was thinking, "This is heavy."August 18th, 2012
    Found Horizon »

    I turned a lot of prayer wheels at two monasteries in Shangrila, China. I also was blessed twice by monks. I hope that means something.

  • Who are these people?August 7th, 2012
    Mud People »

    I’ve always wanted to take a mud bath and I got the chance in Yangshuo–inside a cave in a big rock mountain.

  • This is the only soldier that was found intact. He's a kneeling archer and would have been holding a crossbow.August 1st, 2012
    Call In The Terra Cotta Troops »

    Could the famous Terra Cotta Warriors be fake? They’re so amazing that was my first thought.

  • August 16th, 2011
    Into and Under the Jungle »

    On our trip to the Yucatan, we don’t just go INTO the jungle, we go UNDER it–swimming along strange underground rivers. Check out the videos too.

  • With Moritz in front of San Miguel's famous Parrochia.August 4th, 2011
    Viva Mexico! »

    At first I was scared to go to Mexico, but I couldn’t have had more fun. I saw my friends, my old house, and it felt like I only had been gone for a week.

  • Everyone was so nice in Turkey; several people wanted their picture taken with me because I was wearing a Turkish flag shirt. They loved that.May 5th, 2011
    Turkey Rules and Sobek Lives »

    It’s hard to pack all the great memories from this trip into one 400-word blog; but it’s easier than packing 6-weeks’ worth of clothes into one suitcase.

  • Gus and I do the Da Vinci pose. (Fire extinguisher optional.)April 17th, 2011
    The Da Vinci Dude »

    Why the Da Vinci Museum in Florence was my favorite museum of the whole trip.

  • mg_5953April 3rd, 2011
    I Fought Gus With a Sword »

    I learned how to be a gladiator at an awesome school in Rome.


Jeb McCoy Kendrick

Jeb McCoy Kendrick (codenames Jebito and Moxenboxer) is completely fluent in Spanish like his brother; loves guitar, soccer, baseball, and fly fishing. While in the Amazon rainforest recently, he caught a piranha and ate it for dinner.