• August 27th, 2012
    Hiroshima: Another Day That Will Live in Infamy »

    Going to Hiroshima wasn’t easy, but it gave me a lot to think about.

  • A monk at the monastery. What a great view the monks have!August 20th, 2012
    Climbing into the Sky »

    Correction: I’ve found a new “most beautiful town in China.” Tagong!

  • Me playing badminton with some local kids in the town square in Shaxi.August 11th, 2012
    Heaven in the Hills »

    We didn’t know what to expect when we drove four hours over rough roads to reach the town of Shaxi. What we found was an amazing unspoiled village.

  • We spent lots of time going over the waterfalls in front of the hotel. This waterfall is the scariest and funnest of them all.August 8th, 2012
    Water, Water Everywhere »

    I love water, so naturally I had a great time in Yangshuo, which has amazing rivers.

  • MD3C2032July 31st, 2012
    A Hike Through History »

    Many tourists go to the heavily restored sites of Badaling or Mutianyu to get their glimpse of the Great Wall, but we did something very different.

  • With Jeb in front of the pyramid at Coba. It's one of teh few Maya pyramids you can still climb.August 15th, 2011
    Another Continent, Another Pyramid »

    After seeing the Great Pyramid at Giza earlier this year, it was amazing to see another pyramid built by another culture.. and then get to climb to the top.

  • SONY DSCAugust 4th, 2011
    San Miguel Is Cool (Really!) »

    After living in the U.S. for one and a half years it was weird to visit San Miguel again. It felt strange to come back as a tourist after living there and see all that changed. But some of my favorite things were just the same.

  • Here I am up on a rock formation in Cappadocia in Central Turkey.April 30th, 2011
    The Big Wrap Up »

    Well we are home and have been readjusting and getting caught up on schoolwork. So now that I have let the trip sink in I want to tell you my favorite part.

  • This all looks pretty, but that's because this isn't a scratch and sniff photo.April 21st, 2011
    The Problem With Venice That You Can’t See in Pictures »

    Venice is supposedly the city of romance and so on. Well it could be except for one thing.

  • mg_5964April 3rd, 2011
    To Be a Gladiator »

    One of my best experiences in Rome was gladiator school.


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Gus Hawkins Kendrick (nicknames Gustavito and Gusman) spoke Spanish before English; loves history (especially World War II history), scuba diving, photography, filmmaking. He published his first magazine piece—on the Galapagos Islands—at the age of 11.