We moved to San Miguel Allende, Mexico, in January 2006 so that our sons, Gus and Jeb, could become not just bilingual but bicultural. We wanted them to learn about other ways of living and thinking. We’ve loved our lives here in this beautiful colonial town, but after the boys became fluent speakers, readers and writers of Spanish, we decided to move on to another adventure—to expand their horizons a bit more.

We decided to travel so they could learn about the world first hand. It seemed like a good idea for many reasons. Gus and Jeb were at a magic age. They were young enough to still like hanging out with Mom and Dad but old enough to appreciate what they’re experiencing. Plus, we’d been told to avoid middle school at all costs!!

So when they were 12 and 10, we set out for South America–Ecuador, Peru, Chile, Argentina–and then to Africa (Kenya and Tanzania) and France.

In the midst of our first year traveling, we moved back to the United States–outside of Austin. At the end of last school year we had long talks about what was next and we unanimously agreed that the homeschooling/traveling was too much fun to give up. So we’re at it for another year.

In February 2011, with the boys now 13 and 11, we set off for Egypt, Greece, Turkey and Rome. We’d spent the fall studying ancient history and were eager to see all the places we’d studied for ourselves.

Stay tuned!

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